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couldn't locate on a map. >> cameroon. >> egypt. >> get your spot. good, swing it. >> reporter: that is mark hughes, director of scouting for the new york knicks. this is his fourth year volunteering as a coach here. what do you think the kids get out of it? >> they have heart, passion, they play hard. what they don't have is a spot of great construction. guys, when we say attack, we want you to drive the ball to the basket. >> reporter: are you here as a coach or a scout? >> both. >> reporter: so, will you go back and say, hey, there are a couple of guys here we have to -- >> absolutely. >> good shot, boy. >> reporter: just ask luc mbah a moute. he was at the first of these nba camps in africa. >> good shot, good shot. >> nice cut and a deep catch by mbah a moute. >> reporter: today, he makes almost $5 million as a player with the milwaukee bucks. he's one of six basketball without borders graduates now playing with the nba. >> for kids, they have the right to stay kids, you know? and basketball brings them back to that stage, you know, going through all the stuff they going t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1